Internal Communications

Share your vision and
connect globally.

Engage your employees so they feel connected to your business. From strategy events to international meetings, engagement makes your goals become their goals.

Create stronger teams.

When you give your team a sense of ownership, they will strive towards achieving your business goals. EckoEnterprise enables live and on demand, scalable comms between management and the members of globally dispersed teams, including staff working remotely. With interactive tools, you can communicate directly with your employees and receive instant feedback to strengthen relationships and open conversations within your company.

Speak, engage, repeat.

Enhance staff engagement through the use of technology and increase participation in large scale strategy events. EckoEnterprise’s question moderation system gives employees a voice to securely and anonymously raise issues, provide feedback, and contribute to strategy decisions. Our variety of interactive features including our poll and feedback tools, provide engagement opportunities so employees’ opinions can be heard and responded to.

Reach anyone. From one person to one million.

By integrating a range of peer to peer technologies with the platform, tens of thousands of employees can access webcasts simultaneously with no loss of service or quality. This also enables you to create accessible, smaller team meetings regardless of staff locations.

On demand. Whenever, wherever.

EckoEnterprise can be deployed to support training initiatives and onboarding processes. On-demand recordings can be accessed globally by dispersed HR teams, as well as employees, through an easy-to-use video portal.

Stakeholder management.

EckoEnterprise helps you deliver best practice stakeholder engagement, combining your vision and values to communicate a unified message to employees whether its a team briefing or an all-hands meeting.

We’re ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified

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