Ecko Enterprise Platform is our base software that enables you to take your business live. From internal corporate presentations, to industry-wide conferencing. We can build the platform in your bespoke branding, so it feels seamless when linking to your website. See below for more detailed information about what our platform can do for you.

Registration / Login

  • Offer a ticketed event by integrating with any ticketing platform like Universe Tickets, EventBrite, TicketMaster, etc.
  • Can offer free registration / signups within the platform.
  • Hosted on a microsite to blend in with your current website or campaign; IE
  • Interactive agenda (add to your personal list for both live and on-demand content to create your own schedule, save for later and user friendly tabs to see everything that’s happening in one place. Users receive notifications for their saved events 5 minutes before the session starts, letting them know which stage it’s on with a clickable link.
  • Different time zone options to choose from in the drop-down menu on the schedule.
  • Custom branded interactive elements of the platform, as well as 3D content and colour scheme.

Live and on-demand

  • Ability for presenters to control their own slides during their live stream.
  • Ability for presenters to enable a white board during a live stream.
  • Applause / interactive emojis available throughout live streams, with ability for host to disable and enable throughout the stream.
  • Polling, Q&A, upvoting during the live stream.
  • Subtitling throughout with modern font and highlight. PiP for BSL translation.
  • Video audio dubbing translation drop-down.

Networking & user engagement

  • Attendee list available for everyone with user profiles including a link to their LinkedIn page. Can be made mandatory unless users check the box to opt out of being included in the attendee list, meaning they won’t have access to other attendees, messaging, or be eligible for the engagement leaderboard competitions.
  • Interactive directory means attendees can chat to each other, set up meetings within the platform, and connect on Linkedin.
  • Messaging system included so users can message other attendees, or sponsors.
  • Spatial chat networking / connect rooms.


  • Arcade room: slots machine where you always win (virtual and physical gifts from sponsors with ability to set maximum to 2 plays per day for example).  Retro game machine ‘arcade’ where you can play Super Mario, Pacman, or Asteroids and try to win the high score against other attendees!
  • Engagement scoreboard that rewards those who engage with content in the platform. Users get 50 points for watching an on-demand video, 100 points for interacting with a sponsor, 200 points for watching a live stream.
  • Scrollable list of top scores with names and their points – attendees can click on people’s names to be taken to their profile within the directory where they can interact with them, send them a message, or visit their Linkedin profile.
  • Opportunity for including in competitions such as the top 5 engagers get VIP after-party access with speakers after the conference.
  • Donation scoreboard available if it’s a charity event – we can integrate any donation platform such as JustGiving that you set up specifically for the event, so we can pull the data into EE and display how much money has been raised so far, with a “goal” thermometer that shows real-time increases. Allows live speakers / hosts to shout out to anyone who’s donated that brought the overall donation above £1,000 and things like that. Interact in real time!
  • LIVE countdown clock ahead of the event for each day you’re live.

Sponsor value

  • Various options for sponsor exposure on the platform, including 3D interactive ‘billboards’ on the home page, sponsor rooms that are clickable from the sponsors page, a sponsor logo page on the website menu.
  • Sponsor rooms have various functionality including live chat, video, links, brochure upload options and areas for information.
  • Offer your sponsors various packages and you can choose what each tier sponsors receive – we’ll make it happen!


  • See how many people visited each page (section of the map)
  • Number of registrations / logins
  • Average viewing time for each live session
  • Average user time spent on the platform / website

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