Live presentations made easy.

15 years of development and collaborating with our clients led to EckoEnterprise, our self-managed presentation platform which can be used for webcasting anything from internal comms to investor relations.

What you can do.

Internal Communications

Build relationships with your employees so they feel empowered and connected to the heart of your business. Use EckoEnterprise’s engagement tools to increase employee participation in large scale strategic events which can be streamed to viewers around the world.

Thought Leadership

Inspire others by sharing your expertise globally, to any device. Measuring your impact is easy with our built-in statistics reporting where you can understand key sales and marketing metrics. New webcasts are deployable in minutes, so you can get your message out quickly and easily.

Investor Relations

Get your key messages across to investors with engaging webcasts. With an intuitive user- interface, you can strengthen relationships and increase visibility and understanding in the investor community with transparent, clear and honest webcasting.

The future of video is live and online.

We’ve taken our 15 years of technical knowledge and combined it with our risk management approach along with client feedback to create EckoEnterprise.

Our platform’s key features.

Security is our priority

We ensure our platform is completely secure and strictly adhere to ISO 27001, with customisable options for you to easily decide how your live presentation’s data is stored, tracked and measured.

Serious about support

Our experts take time to understand your business specifically and when you need help, you’ll talk to real people who are experts on your account. No chat bots or call centres!

Fully Customisable

Seamlessly integrate your live presentation into your website and customise the video using our intuitive tools and create an engaging branded user experience for viewers.

Interactive tools

You’ll have a wide range of tools to use including anonymous Q&A, polling, question-up voting and timed collateral release to maximise engagement.

Global scalability

Scale up your presentations and speak to
viewers around the world. For internal comms, our technology will help every employee see the broadcast without causing networking issues.

Seamless integration

Our platform easily integrates with existing systems, making the presentation process as smooth and simple as possible.

We’re ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified

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