Our integration partners.

We’ve chosen the best, most trusted organisations to partner with so we can deliver the highest quality live streams for your business. Digital Transformation is vital for maximum flexibility, and because of our integration with various third party streaming services including Microsoft Streams and Zoom, you’ll be able to choose a bespoke EckoEnterprise package that works around what’s already working for you.

Hive Streaming.

We selected Hive Streaming as a video delivery and distribution solution partner.

Hive is a software only video distribution solution that solves the challenge of delivering high quality live and on-demand video to viewers’ devices, minimising disruption by utilising their existing bandwidth, hardware and video content management and webcasting platforms.

Hive Streaming helps organisations easily deliver engaging, high quality video to its global workforce. Hive Streaming has gathered a team of leading experts in video technologies and enterprise networking to solve large video distribution and detailed analytics. 

We’re ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified

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