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Registration information capture.

An invitation can be emailed in the weeks leading to the event, or it can be a banner or button on your website or microsite. When a user registers for your event, we can capture any information you need, giving you the opportunity to build a tailored agenda for every attendee.

Webcast home page.

Users receive a confirmation email after registering, which includes a test feature to ensure they can access the full webcast in advance. The email also links to the webcast landing page which includes presenter biographies and an online presentation pack, unless you want to reserve collateral to be released during or after the live stream.

Modern and dynamic presentations.

When the webcast is live, the webcast and presentation page has a host of interactive features and functionality for viewers and presenters that sets it apart from desktop teleconferencing solutions. There is a slider that allows the host (or users if you prefer) to resize the presentation and video windows for users. There’s a button to select one of four languages, allowing both audio and slide content to be translated. With a modern and user friendly design, users of all demographics will find it easy to navigate. Waiting room (green room) for speakers in one session, engineers and other hosts.

Live interactive features.

With a range of interactive tools, EckoEnterprise boasts a moderated Q&A functionality, live polling with instantaneous results on screen, question up voting, timed collateral release, live note taking and separate break out room options. Up to eight presenters in separate locations, can be hosted in total and there is no maximum number of users who can view the webcast live.

Timed collateral release.

You can decide when your collateral such as slides or documents are released to ensure maximum engagement, and also allow an on-demand version to be available after the event, with your content divided into convenient chapters, speaker by speaker for example. We are constantly adding new functionality. And, if there’s a particular feature you need, we can develop it with you.

Full analytics.

When running any online event, especially if it is replacing what would normally be a physical event, we understand the importance of tracking data and ROI. You can monitor your live stream for peak performance during and after the event, while comprehensive viewer data is also available so you can see all the figures you need to. Perfect for seeing the demographics of who had the longest viewing times, how many people registered vs. tuning in live, and how many users downloaded your collateral, EckoEnterprise ensures you can track all the valuable data you need while adhering to GDPR regulations.

We’re ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified