The future of video is

live and online.

Combining over 15 years of experience with our risk management approach allowed us to collaborate with client feedback and create EckoEnterprise.

What you can do

Virtual Events

Whether you’re hosting a large global event or small concert, our platform allows you to share you event to any audience using any device. Measuring your impact is easy with our built-in statistics reporting where you can understand key sales and marketing metrics.


Perfect for secure, internal communications, EckoEnterprise can strengthen your relationships with your employees so they feel empowered and connected to the heart of your business. Our engagement tools such as anonymous Q&A’s and polling can help increase employee participation.

Sponsorship / Investor Pitches

Get your key messages across to investors with engaging video and presentation content. With an intuitive user- interface, you can strengthen relationships and increase visibility and understanding in the investor community with interactive, clear and honest webcasting.

Packages that make sense

We offer 3 virtual event products. Our original platform, EckoVirtual, offers everything you need for a simple but impressive conference or virtual event including interactive tools like polls and live Q&A’s. Take your event to the next level with our new interactive 3D map, EckoAtlas. With custom 3D branding in and around the map’s layout and personalised colour schemes, this platform will impress any attendee. We also offer bespoke platforms, meaning we custom build a microsite for you with complete flexibility on what your virtual event looks like.

Our Mission

We work differently


We make it smart

Our developers have spent years building and improving this platform so it runs smoothly, is fully customisable, glitch-free and easily integrates with other systems. With security at the forefront of its design, EckoEnterprise is not only reliable, but fast and easy to use.


We make it simple

Our platform is full of intuitive and user-friendly tools that make it easy to create a branded experience, as well as understand the outcome and measure engagement during and after your presentation.


We make practical pricing structures

In this product category, pricing is normally based on a per seat model, meaning you can be paying for viewers who never watch the webcast. We have a different approach of charging per webcast delivered, which allows clients to pay for what they actually use, including support options that are actually straightforward and easy to understand.


We make it helpful

We are always innovating our platform and take client feedback very seriously. We make decisions by asking what feature clients would want and how they would want to use it. For example, our team created a feature on the platform where viewers can change the proportions of the speaker’s presentation and video feed at any time via a drag-and-drop function. Our developers also created a feature you can use which only allows viewers to download a PowerPoint or document at a certain point in the live stream, when it’s being discussed for example, creating a more engaging presentation with a likely increase in average watch time. Everything we create is built with UI and design in mind.

You told us what you needed. We listened.

After working with companies large and small for over 15 years, we have been able and continue to add interactive features and tools that make sense for virtual events, ensuring you have everything you need to make sure your event is a success. EckoEnterprise was built by our in-house design and development teams and can be customised to specific branding requirements to fit in seamlessly with your current campaign, website, or ideas.

A bit about us

We’re Groovy Gecko, a London-based tech agency founded in 1999, and EckoEnterprise is our newest product. Our history is rich in live events, both cultural and corporate, from worldwide BP conferences to Nike Strike Nights with world-renowned football players. Based on our award-winning LPS software, we’ve created an online platform with the same live capabilities without the high costs a managed stream requires. Your internal teams can now deliver the same high quality Groovy Gecko user experience to both internal and external audiences with more flexibility and control, and we’re very proud of it.

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